Dissipator Barreled upper A-2

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Dissipator 16” Barreled upper pre ban A-2.

The 16” Dissipator barrel is designed to mount rifle length A-2 hand guards, which gives you a greater range of control over your CAR length rifle. It also has the added benefit of having a full site radius, which means a greater level of accuracy!  It’s mounted on an aircraft quality aluminum Mil-Spec upper, with your choice of A-2 or Flat-top upper.  This upper is the real dissipator, other manufacturers reduce a 20" barrel and gas system to 16" which causes the gas system to become unreliable.  We use the standard 16" barrel and gas system with a low profile gas block under the handguard. We then attatch a front sight tower for your sights and handguards to make our dissipator the most reliable dissipator you can buy.