Tactical Machining AR-15 Stripped Lower receiver

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AR-15 Stripped Lower Receivers.  Lower Receivers must be shipped seperate from Kits or there will be an additional shipping fee applied for your order.  We ship these daily however due to volume it may take up to 7 days to ship.  This may speed up depending on FFL paperwork matching.  Please make sure you either have the FFL put your name on it or put the FFL dealer in the notes, instructions during the checkout process.

For ALL inquiries or questions please call 321-356-8570.

Your FFL information can be FAXED to us at 877-733-4949, please include your name on the fax so we can get this shipped to you.  This item needs to be sent to a FFL holder for transfer to you.

The TM-15 is precision machined from a 7075 forging while still including many features that are generally only found on higher end billet receivers.  Different picture views of this receiver here 

All receivers are precision machined on state of the art CNC equipment which giving us the highest tolerances in the industry. Standard features include wire EDM machined magazine wells for uncompromising finish, square corners and less than a thousandth of an inch variance. We also have a bevel cut on the bottom of the mag well for faster insertion of the magazine and for the Poly style mags.  Each receiver is hand finished and hand inspected for a uniform finish that is unmatched by traditional mass production finishing processes.

The Military Specification hard coat anodized Per MIL-A-8625 Type III Class 2 spec done in house with a quality control process. Each receiver is then coated by a commercial Teflon coating for further environment protection.

Each receiver is guaranteed for fit and finish. We also include a lifetime warranty for workmanship, material and finish. If you're ready to build an AR15 style firearm, start first with one of these high quality receivers. We're proud of these receivers and invite you to personally inspect the machining quality, the markings, and the individual hand finishing that make our lower receiver one that you'll be proud to own.