Terms and Conditions of sales:

By agreeing to this you certify that you are:  18 Years of age and/or are of legal age to purchase firearm parts or accessories.  That you the purchaser, understand that the parts purchased are not an operational firearm.  That all merchandise assumed or presumed purchased from ar15gunkits.com will undergo an approval process for errors and or corrections in both representation or price by us, and in the event of either, the customer will be notified prior to final purchase for approval of changes.  That you understand upon receipt of any product you have inspected the product and found the product to be non defective and damage free, however if found defective you will contact us immediately with all information and will not use the defective product.  And we are not liable for damages as a result of improper use, negligence, misuse, abuse, or any other act or simulated act that results in damage to self, property or others.  We are not liable for any violation, intendid, or simulated or other local, state or federal laws concerning the product you have purchased.