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October 03, 2008

Bushmaster AR-15 Magazines
By keys85
These are for two 10 round bushmaster factory magazines. CA legal. New, unused. I have absolutely no use for them. $15
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my opinion of SHTF
By deputy125
I suppose in case of a nut sniping the town or some other “what if” scenario might happen, then my deer rifle ought to do quite nicely. Of course one never turns down a good ar-15 or ak47. For my family, my daughter has chosen the ...
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Best mag coupler for AR-15?
Forum: General Firearm Discussion Posted By: Ram Rod Post Time: October 3rd, 2008 at 09:14 AM.
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suggestions on affordable ar-15
By autotech6506
I tried searching but there is simply way to much for me to sift through. basically I'm thinking of getting a rifle for range duty/zombie invasions (yea i've been reading the threads in the lounge too much). ...


LAR Grizzly AR-15 Reveiver
By LoneWolf
I have no idea and would like to build my own AR-15 in a few different calibers and I have seen a few on *********.com that say they are a multi caliber receiver. Any imput helps. Thanks.
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FS-HK Martitime M16/AR15 mags
By dmc51
30 Round non-LEO marked, all new, never loaded, or inserted into gun. Five available. These are date coded AG, and have the updated black follower. Free states only, or LEO purchase ok, I'll ship to your agency. $35.00 per shipped. ... -