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October 02, 2008

Cheapest AR-15/M4?
By Slade797
I'm an AK builder, and I'm firmly devoted to that platform. Having said that, I'm kind of looking at making an AR my next fiream purchase. I'm not looking for a high end mall ninja weapon, but one that I can shoot without worrying about ...
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Does anyone know anything about this optic?
By Darkfront
Would this be a good alternative to the Millett DMS-1? I've never seen a review on this: New Bushnell 1-4x24 Trophy Rifle Scope EDIT: oops, my bad. Meant to throw this in the optics section... Can someone move it?
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Semi-Auto Rifle Suggestions
By LezChap
I'm very used to the AR15 platform, being former military...but they may be a little above the price range I'm looking at. I'm looking for something I can enjoy at the range, possibly hunt with on occasion, and it's always nice to find ...
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Bushmaster AR-15 M4-A4 5.56 For Sale or Trade in West TX!
Bushmaster AR-15 M4-A4 5.56x45 Flat top model receiver w/ carry handle Only 140 rounds put through the weapon. Comes with all original parts, papers and sling. 1 factory 30 round magazine Extras Include; 2 military 30 round magazines ...
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m4 holster?
By YugoM59/66
... have to worry about my rifle swinging around and all that. i've looked all over for these online but couldn't find anything. i guess its a rumor. if anyone has seen these or heard anything it would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys.
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AR-15 OR Saveage MKII G?
By Apdl
So I need a rifle to learn on, The savage MKII G is a ~$200 bolt action 22 with iron sights and space to mount a scope. I think we all know what an AR-15 is, I would like the M4 style with a flat top. ...
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