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September 5, 2008

WTS--16" Stainless Bull Barrel AR-15(Ohio)
By hitman2565
Well something has caught my eye so I thought I would see if there is any interest in this AR of mine. Stag lower -RRA LPK -Nice trigger pull on this gun RRA EOP upper -16" bull barrel Scope -Bushnell 3200 10X w/ mildots ... -


AR15 blog
By RMTactical
I just started an AR15 blog, take a look. I hope it can be of use for you in the future. AR15 - Defensive Carbine.
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High Power Rifle Suggestions
By aumagna
One wants me to get a .22 regardless of whether i use it for matches or not, and another one is recommending a competition-grade AR-15 for competition. Obviously i would have to upgrade pretty quickly, but as a beginner it's supposed to ...
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AR-15 cycling trouble - THR
Senior Member. Join Date: 04-04-07. Posts: 126. I have the magpul followers listed on I will see if they are in stock but should have them. ...


WTS-NIB, Unfired AR15 rifle w/Bushy Nat Match A2 upper & stag ...
By 22thru45shooter
FOR SALE - FTF in SW or Central Ohio ( no shipping ) NIB-UNFIRED, Bushmaster National Match A2 upper 20 inch ( barrel is stamped 5.56 nato hbar ) 2 new 20 rd & 1 new 30 rd mags on a Like New Stag A2 lower ...
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Today he told me that he had been seen AR 15 Magazine video. He is very excited to see it , he also told me not forget to look it. When I asked what video is it ? He said it is about gun laws, the NRA, politics, home security. ...


WTT M1A Bush rifle for Pre ban AR15
By andy t
The M1A will come with its original box, manual, SAI 4th generation scope mount, polymer stock in addition to the wood one. Also included will be 4 20 round and 1 10 round magazine. Looking to trade for a quality preban AR15. ... -


WTT AR-15 for 1911
By knight182
I am looking to trade my AR-15 for a 1911 or similiar type pistol. I built this gun, and it shoots great. Lower reciever, internals, upper, all came sepertate. FTF in oregon or southern washington.
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