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September 3, 2008

my first ar-15 w/pics
By deadman03
thank all of you that helped me figure out what i needed to know before buying my first ar-15. the people of this forum have been a great help to me and since you asked for pictures i thought i would give you some. ...
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Should I buy this AR-15
By knaack134
The gun: 5.56 AR-15 16"barrel, he says the gas system is based on a longer barrel version. $650.00 The gun is a couple of years old and I remember him buying it piece by piece. I am looking for a gun to shoot woodchucks and coyotes at ...


AR-15 Function Issue
By Praegenstein
The rifle seemed to function normally when during another course of fire, I pulled the trigger and the round in the chamber discharged and extracted, the next round was fed into the chamber, but the bolt did not fully close on the newly ... -


Red dot sight for AR-15
Have a Rock River 20inch AR-15 and want to get a red dot sight for it. what does the military use for their red dots. Is the price range have a big impact on quality. Does any one have any reccomendations on a good red dot sight. ...
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