Law Enforcement A R 15 rifle Kit

Law Enforcement A R 15 Rifle Kit
LE Rifle Kit
16” Law Enforcement Rifle Kit

To meet the rugged requirements of the patrol officer, this rifle is centered around a lightweight A-1 configuration 1 x 9 twist barrel, mounted on a forged flat top upper receiver. The 5 slot A-2 phantom flash hider is both a useful tool for impact strikes and for hiding your flash signature. The four-rail hand guards allow unlimited versatility for attaching flashlights, vertical grips and other tactical components. Three low profile rail covers, a GG&G flip up MAD rear sight, Hogue rubber pistol grip, and a six-position M-4 buttstock are standard.  All Items are optional and can be built to your custom configuration.

This AR-15 Rifle kit is headspaced, and ready to mount to your lower receiver.  Once you have an assembled lower with the parts provided in the kit, and mount the upper,  this is an operational firearm 5.56mm.
Law Enforcement AR-15 rifle kit.
LE Custom configuration rifle kit.