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December 27, 2008

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WTB: New Ar-15 Lower - Oklahoma Shooters
WTB: New Ar-15 Lower WTB Classifieds (Wanting to Buy)
Oklahoma Shooters -


What scope for an Ar15?
I am finally doing something with my old Pre ban Bushmaster, It has a fixed stock and a 16" barrel. Plain Jane, I am not interested in a tactical.


WTS new Stag Ar 15 stripped lower -
I have one stag ar 15 lower that I am selling for 250.00 firm and I also have a few rock river stripped lowers left (230.00) firm. These are all brand new. I have 2 FTF transfers left before the first other wise these must go through a ... -


transporting CA legal AR15 -
transporting CA legal AR15 The riflemans forum. ... A rifle or shotgun that is defined as an assault weapon pursuant to Penal Code 12276 or 12276.1 must be transported in accordance with Penal Code section 12026.1. ... -


can I put a g36 rail on a ar15? - HKPRO Forums
Can I put a g36 rail on a ar15? HK LONG GUN TALK. ... On my ar15 I have a A3 upper and a full rail hand gaurd and so I was wondering if I could put a G36 rail on top of that? gemo is offline ...
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