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December 14, 2008

[Want To Buy] AR-15 upper Carbine 16"
By bytehoven
I'm a new member. I am looking to a complete 16" carbine upper for my Bushy. Please let me know what you have. Thanks.
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Firearms :: Re: Official AR-15 GB Who's in (closes 12/02/08)
By: Custom-Concepts. Quote by: TysonT. Do you build 1911's too??? If so is there going to be a 1911 build???? Please?!?!?!? I'm not a huge 1911 fan, but am coming around. I would definately buy one from you Joe, if I could afford it... ...
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WTS: Pre-Ban Colt AR-15 20 Round Magazines
By colt_fan
Description: Pre-Ban Colt AR-15 20 round magazines, some marked 5.56 and others .223. Selling Terms: Face to Face all State and Federal laws apply. Must have LTC Price: $25 per magazine Contact Information: PM Me Pictures: ... -


Colt AR-15 Lower
By hunter46spring
I use this rifle to shoot National Match Service Rifle competition. I am looking for advice on what to do with the lower. I want to replace the trigger group with a 2 stage and know that you can run into problems with the sear block. ... -


[Want To Buy] AR-15 Lower Parts Kits
By XD45
Figure its quite the long shot, But i'll give it a shot as PAFOAers have been known to come threw. Looking for atleast 2 AR LPK's, but the more the merrier. Fair prices only, I also have lots of federal xm193, wolf 223, and 50bmg ammo ...
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