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December 13, 2008

Back up for sale AR 15 complete rifle and a Kel-Tec P-11
Ok so after several people saying they would take parts if i broke down this package and then backing out I'am relisting this. So here goes. 150 rounds fired through the rig. If you buy the upper and lower I will knock $100 off ... -


[Want To Buy] Colt AR15 22lr conversion magazine
By continental
I need one or two 10 round magazines for the Colt manufactured M16/AR15 22LR conversion unit. These are black plastic and are stamped as described above. let me know what you have...thanks.
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Can a AK-47 be as accurate as a AR-15?
By aaarneson
I know the WASR-10's are not that accurate...however are there any AK-47 models out there that are comparable to the accuracy of a AR-15? If so what are they? What about custom made AK-47's?
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WTS/WTT 20" bull barrel AR15 upper nikon Monarch UCC
By alexshy
WTS/WTT 20" wilson SS 8"T 5.56 nato bullbarrel upper,DPMS reciever and 1rail gas block, free float tubular hadguard, Mounted NIKON Monarch UCC 6.5-20 ILL red/green plex ret. 5 adj each. both brand new unfired paid $1220 two months ago. ... -


Anbody interested in a $600 AR-15 Magazine?
By Ripach 
I know we live in a free market society where people can price their products as they see fit, but c'mon. I am not even in the market for one of these things and it pisses me off. ... -


AR-15 - Proper Lubrication
By sniper_uppercut
Hello All Does anyone know the proper way to lubricate an AR? What parts does the manufacturer recommend be lubricated? Thanks. -