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December 11, 2008

357sig in rifle?
By stormbringerr
has the ar-15 or any carbine been chambered to use the 357sig round? seems like it would be a good round for a self defense rifle to me.:tumbleweed:
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By smokeyboat2
John Brown's Armory in Rochester Pa. has tons of AR mags for sale!! They are new in the box USGI 30RD mags with green followers. The bodys are light gray in color. Call them at 724-728-4444. These are sold out all accross the country ...
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WTB: AR-15 Pre-ban Hi-cap mags in really bad condition MA
By tms951
The worse/cheaper they are the more interest I am, must be hi cap. I don't care how hi just over 10 rounds. If the thing has been run over by a car I don't care. Especialy interested in bulk. -


AR-15 - Forged Front Sight or Flip Up
I'm in the process of building a middy. I will FF the handguard, but not sure if I want a forged front sight or a flip up. I like the way that the forged front sight looks but will it get in the way of optics?
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ar 15 lightning link
By o1dakota440
i meet a guy today that was selling lightning links. they were hand made by him, and they were only the link not the paddle. he says it is completly legal for him to make as long as they were only 80% complete. he is selling them as a ...
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[Want To Trade] 4 Pos CAR Ar-15 Stock for Fixed AR-15 stock
By Kaos
I would like to trade my 4 POS Standard CAR stock for your A1 or A2 fixed stock. Preferably a full trade would be killer - Id be trading the stock, the buffer tube, castle nut, buffer spring and two buffers. ...
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AR 15 SDM DIY project, Part One- The Lower
By terraformer
I like my M4gery but it is not a target rifle and all of my target rifles are high power (.270 and up). So I decided to build my own AR 15 target rifle (poorly timed I know with Obamamania sweeping the nation) with a White Oak SDM ... -