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December 07, 2008

[Want To Sell] STAG ARMS Stripped AR15 Lowers
By Ophidian
I have (3) Stag Arms Stripped AR15 lowers. There is currently an 18-20 week waiting period for these particular lowers, so if you want them before election time, now would be the time to get them. I am selling them for 225 face to face ...
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AR-15 Election Result Question
By Peaceful1
Due to the recent Presidential and Congressional election results and the potential impact on our constitutional rights, I am quite anxious to purchase an AR-15 or comparable rifle. I am hoping that the members here who have first hand ...
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gas piston for the AR-15
By toolboxluis
ok i am saving my money to get a good gas piston system for my AR-15 any suggestions out their i now a few but i realy want to now how reliable they really are i had heard they keep the chamber cool and keep most of the dirt out so can ...
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