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December 04, 2008

S/W PA AR-15 Who's willing to not bend me over?
By Huntingdonhavoc
I've finally come into some money and as of next week I can purchase my first AR. I was specifically looking for a Rock River A4 Entry but am pretty willing to bend for anything suitable and quality at this point. ...
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First day out with concealed carry.
By Cool AR-15
I carried my gun for the first time today. I was a little nervous about racking the slide and “going live”. The gun is a Walther PPK with a real safety so it seems safe. After a few hours I did not even remember I had it on. ...
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[Want To Sell] DPMS AR15
By LittleRedToyota
stock DPMS AR15 16" carbine collapsible stock fixed carry handle A1 sights not chrome lined light profile barrel chambered in 5.56 (which can also shoot .223) it's about 2 years old. has about 250 rounds through it. still like new. will ...
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Try to find an AR-15/M4 type rifle wow!
By ace57
Boy, I picked the wrong time to begin "shopping" for an AR-15 assault rifle. Left-handed no less ie DPMS or Stag. Wiped out everywhere!! ...and if you do find one, ch-ching, open that wallet wide baby[rolleyes] Guess I'll wait a while. ... -