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November 08, 2008

WTB AR-15 type rifle and a HK usp45c central (FL)
By Motobuddy
The title says it Im looking for a M4/AR15 Style rifle and a HK usp 45 compact, looking for a FTF sale in central FL will present a valid CCL at purchase. Might do some trading if you are looking for a xd45 tac. ...
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Charles Daly AR15 question
By Driver400
Does anyone have any knowledge about the quality or have experiances with a Charles Daly AR15? I was just at the Philadelphia gun show and saw a couple of them that I was interested in.
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Register AR-15 as SBR
Is there any downside in registering an AR-15 receiver as an SBR? About how much is this registration? Can you put any length barrel on it then that you want?
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WTS in south florida OLY AR15 pistol ftf
By ExSoldier
BRAND NEW OLYMIPIA ARMS AR-15 PISTOL This is the one that has the standard carry handle on top and the tube out the back for the buffer and spring. Will sell it for what I paid + $1. so that makes it an even $850. ...
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New AR15. :-D
AR-15 Complete Lower Parts Kit AR-15 M4 CAR Buttstock Assembly - Black ARMS #40A Flip Up Rear Sight Magpul PMAG Polymer 30 Round Magazine x 3 Built on a LAR Lower. :D Pics should come at end of the month when everything gets here.
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Precision AR-15 rifle shooting for beginners?
By BerksCountyDave
Well, I've decided I'd like to start getting into precision accuracy rifle shooting with the AR-15 platform. Tiny little groups at 100 and 200 yards, that sort of thing. Now, I have a thread here about building the rifle, and I've begun ...
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