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November 03, 2008

 Best long range rifle caliber?
By BerksCountyDave
My buddy just bought a place with a ton of land, and he's going to be building a firing range on his property with rifle ranges out to 800 yards. My only center fire rifle right now is an AR-15. Is the .223 a good choice for long ...
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Position of rear BUIS on your AR15 question
By Rockrivr1
I don't want to keep the BUIS off the rifle just in case of a problem with the Trijicon. So, I've mounted it in front of the Trijicon with the folded down sight pointing towards the bbl when folded. In a normal shooting day I can remove ... -


WTB AR15/Keltec Sub 2000/Glock 22/Mossberg 590a1 (IN)
By exd45
Want to Buy (in Indiana Preferably) Firearms need to be new or in very good condition Pictures are a must AR15 - (M4 Preferred) Rock River Stag Colt 6920 or 6721 LMT Noveske Keltec Sub 2000 - Model that takes Glock 17 magazines ...
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Build Your Own AR15
By Garys
Brownells is offering for free a video and PDF series on how to build your own AR15. They also have a PDF file with a parts list.  There are more than 50 segments to this video, ... -