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November 02, 2008

WTS Olympic Preban AR15 Lower
By mkgunz
They are up for sale on and I don't want to pull the ad. Selling Terms : You must send me a copy of your FFL and payment before I ship. If it is required by state law that you have a state issued license or permit, ... -


WTS: Pre-Ban Colt AR-15 R6601 Sporter Match H-Bar
By chrismli
Description : Pre-Ban Colt AR15, Model 6601 this is a blue label box. This model is labeled as the Sporter Match H-Bar by Colt, with a heavy barrel that is 20" and a twist rate of 1:7. The actual markings on the barrel are C MP 5.56 ... -


Why AR-15 or AK's?
By exceltoexcel
I reside in the handgun realm and have never shot any long gun other than a navy .22 training rifle and a bb rifle an my friends AR-15 :) Can someone clue me in here? What makes an AR or AK any different than any other semi-auto long ...
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Can an AR15 carrier wear out, break?
By lastchancebaby
I have two Bushmaster AR15, 16" A3 Carbines. I will buy two BCM BCGs. However, can I upgrade the Bushmaster Carrier: new gas key, bolt, etc? Can a carrier break; indeed, it looks very durable but maybe I do not understand stress points. ...
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WTS YHM Rear Iron sight for AR15
By xstickfightx
Selling the irons from my old upper. Description direct from YHM's site: "Solid Rear Sight - This rear sight mounts to the picatinny rail on your AR style flat top. Features include: windage adjustment at 1/2 MOA, a standard flip peep ... -


Is this a good deal? AR-15
By optikal
i found a brand new AR-15 in the pawn shop and wondering if its a good deal. i kinda know the guy who builds these but not terribly well. it an LRB lower, dpms parts, DPMS flattop upper, quadrail handguards, green laser, grip pod, ...
DefensiveCarry Concealed Carry Forum - problem?
By jigman586
ANy of you guys that may be members there,are you guys having problems? I cant get on the site!
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Olympic Arms AR15 carbine
By AxiTech
Any experience with Olympic Arms here? Quality, reliability, durability..... Thanks for any input on this. Bob.
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