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October 21, 2008

AR-15 question
By mojo
I have a co-worker that is looking to buy an AR-15. He is left handed, so he has been looking at Stags. We went to a local dealer and they were telling him about the .22 conversion kits and he really liked the idea of them.


What type of AR15 for IDPA 3 gun?
By frogger42
I decided my first priority was a couple of AR's for a SHTF scenario, and for these I wanted simple, so no quad rail, etc... I did add an EOTech to one but I did not get fancy. One is a mid-length carbine and one will be an M4gery in a ...
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Ar15 Upper Wanted
WTB I'm looking for a used complete ar15 upper priced under $350.00. Chambered in .223(5.56) 0r 7.62x39. Prefer 16 inch barrel or less but not short enough for you to have to have a stamp. Has to be a flat top. Thanks Pontiacdm.
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Best place to buy complete AR 15 bolt assy.?
By mikepro8
Hey guys and gals... anyone have a good lead on complete AR bolt carriers/assemblies? I seem to find the least expensive is around 110 bucks. Any places better out on the internets that I dont know about?


WTT 20 30rd used ar15 mags
By mikeg22003
i got 20 used 30rd ar mags i may be willing to part with let me know what you have to offer i am looking for around 250 dollars in trade value. i would like so ammo, or i could kick in some cash for a gun trade not really interested in ...
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Building my first custom AR-15....Need Help ...
I will try to post a pic on to show them. most of the common calibers are 7.62 X 39, 6.8 SPC, 6.5, 300 whisper, .204 ruger , .223, ...

AR15 Optics Question
By ••SpraynPray••
I found A Reasonable Red dot sight Id like to use on my rifle but was wondering if it would have the clearance over the Front sites on my rifle, Heres the link to the optics ...

WTS:Bushmaster M4A3 AR-15 Gas Piston NIB!
By bravo81
I'm selling a NIB Bushmaster M4A3 "Gas Piston" AR15 rifle.Comes with factory case,three 30 round mags,Bulldog soft case,and warranty card/owners manual. The is the premiere defensive rifle used by US Military,Blackwater International ...
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First AR-15 build
By Baldkat82
So i just bought a Stag Arms stripped lower which will be my first AR!! I'm very excited about it and i'm trying to bounce a couple ideas around. I would like to build one with more modern tech without making some mall ninja thing. ... -