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October 20, 2008

7mm WSSM as hunting alternative to 6.5 Grendel/6.8SPC
By Boom Stick
I'm assembling an AR15 right now for hunting purposes only. I'll be using barnes bullets exclusively and reloading everything by hand. I had been debating the issue between a 6.8spc and the grendel, but I've recently found another ...
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I am interested in new or used 16" and 20" uppers, A2 to A4, with or with out carry handle, optics, rails, etc, for the .223 AR-15 style rifle. As well, any rear stocks are desired. I specifically want A1 or A2 fixed stocks, ...

55gr Speer Spitzer AR-15 Coyote hunting
By Iron Worker
Any experience with Speer bullets on Coyotes out of a AR-15? -

I Need An Inexpensive (Not Cheap) Upper For An AR - THR has that flat top chrome lined for 484.99 shipped. ready to mount to your lower no assembly required and quality parts. ...

AR-15 Dissipator vs. M4gery
By Herknav
I'm looking at taking the plunge into the AR world and getting a CQB-type rifle. I like the looks of the M4gery, but have been told the Dissipator might be a better choice b/c of gas tube placement. Any thoughts?
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AR15 parts for builders
By Dezynco
These may be useful for some of you builders out there that assemble lots of AR15's and are looking for spare parts or a chance to make a little extra on the next several builds. Here's a list: 47 - ejection port springs .75 each ...
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WTS: 10 preban AR15 30rd Magazines
By Furious
10 -USGI 30rd magazines. Finish remaining is 70%+, no major dents, dings, etc. $15 each plus shipping. USPS MO, check, or Paypal +4%. (NY) -