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October 19, 2008

Stag Arms AR-15 for sale Wednesday
By MrClean
Upper will arrive Wednesday. I was planning on keeping it but I need to sell to fix my daughter's tranny. No sense in my having two and putting that on a credit card. Lower is Stag Arms also. Upper is model 3H. ...
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AR15 Detachable Carry Handle - How To Secure?
By Ninsho
My detachable carry handle doesn't seem to want to stay on for more than 50 rounds, it loosens up pretty easily. Do I just need to crank those screws to get it to stay on, or is there something else I should do? -


Looking for AR15 Pistol lower/upper
By Vachss
I am looking for a AR15 upper or lower, i'll just have to buy the part I can't get here. My price range is 700 for a complete pistol 300-400 for an upper and 200 for a lower. Thanks.
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ar-15 buffer question
By MTechnik
I have a rra varmint with an A2 buttstock - this means I have the full length buffer tube, spring and buffer. This is with a 20" upper, full length gas system. If I change out for a Magpul UBR stock, it comes with the carbine length ...


New caliber possibly coming to an M16 near you!
By Sharkbait
Eugene Stoner and ArmaLite designed and built a lightweight, powerful, small-caliber shoulder weapon after the Army asked for help to develop a 5.56x45mm chambered military rifle in 1957. The Army, looking ahead to a jungle war in ...
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