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October 18, 2008

Going to look for AR15 at a gun show
By Knat
Hello everyone, I posted a little while ago about suggestions on a semi automatic rifle. I have decided that my first will be an AR15 I am still unsure what brand and type to get though. There is a fairly large gun show tomorrow that I ...


 7.62x39 Ar-15 Upper (Pre-ban)
By Mass-diver
Backstory: I purchases this rifle from my local FFL because I wanted the lower for a project I'm working on. The dealer told me that the barrel is DPMS (like the lower) - but I do no see any marking on the barrel and I can not verify ... -


AR-10 vs AR-15
By dmazur
I'm considering getting an Armalite AR-10, rebarreled in .243. I understand that the AR-10 had an adjustable gas system, which is a refinement I can't find in DPMS manuals for their rifles. I don't have an AR-10 manual. ...
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AR Kits? - THR
Well I just bought a stripped lower this afternoon and am contimplating which kit to go with. the following link is to ...


Buttstock on AR-15?
Forum: Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion Posted By: laeckcrov Post Time: October 18th, 2008 at 01:20 PM.
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