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October 16, 2008

WTS : AR15 & Mini 14 Beta C Mags
By moreland281
Brand NEW Beta C Mags Includes Beta C Drum (Clear Back) Manual Graphite Tube Ar15 $240 Mini 14 $280 2+ gets free shipping paypal ok +3%
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Why are 1911 mags more than AR-15 mags?
By BerksCountyDave
This confuses me. A quality 1911 mag (Wilson Combat, for example) is around $30. A good AR-15 mag can be had for under $15. What's up with that? The AR-15 is much larger, so ummmm what's up?


S&W 5.45x39 AR15
By T.J.
anyone seen one of these yet. i Picked up the latest copy of G&A yesterday and it was on the front cover, can't see with it using Surplus military ammo that it will go over very well. especailly with the Dem on the horizon who will ...
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Definition of AR-15 Fixed Mag
By Augi
What exactly separates a fixed mag from a detachable one in an AR-15 under MA law (aside from having a closed mag well)? Based on my experience in California, having some type of fixed mag is the easiest way to get around having evil ... -


WTS: Colt AR-15 SP-1
By thanker92
All original Colt AR-15 SP-1. for sale. I got it new in the mid 70's. Only put one box of ammo through it and put it away. Only a few minor handling marks on it. Grading 95%. No box, but it comes with all the other stuff. ...