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October 14, 2008

AR-15 Mags
By TimW77
Previously asked about recommendations on both AR-15 .223R Mags and FN-FAL .308W mags. Question now is on 6.5 Grendel mags for the AR-15. Are there any Grendel mags available other than C-Products? Are the C-Product mags any good? ...
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Assault Rifle classification of a fixed-magazine AR15
By industrial.dood
... as an assault weapon if it has a detachable magazine and one of the evil features. So, if I fix the magazine on my AR do I not have to be mindful of the prohibited features it has? Or is it an assault weapon simply because it's an AR15? -


Winter Project: .50 Beowulf AR15?
By Tiktock
It seems to me like its simply a matter of getting a complete upper and mags for the cartridge and putting it on any normal AR15 lower receiver. Are there any other considerations I need to make? - General... -


Who Makes my AR15 Lower?
By C-pher
No idea if it is accurate but I found it interesting….look below for Anvil Arms.. Who actually makes my AR-15 lower receiver? Cavalry Arms * Cavalry Arms Continental Machine Tool * Stag * Rock River Arms * High Standard * Noveske ... -


Long Range Coyotes: A Custom AR-15 And The Little Scope That Could ...
This is the thread for discussion of the article: Long Range Coyotes: A Custom AR-15 And The Little Scope That Could By Steve Hugel Here you can ask questions or make comments about the article. The author will have this thread ... -